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Cybertruck owners say deliveries halted over bad accelerator pedal

Tesla Cybertruck outside
Image: Parker Ortolani / The Verge

Over the last few days, Tesla has delayed some Cybertruck deliveries. The company hasn’t specified why or even publicly commented on the delays, but commenters in the Cybertruck Owners Club forum have reported receiving texts or calls telling them their deliveries were being rescheduled.

One user said they’d been told by their dealer that the truck was recalled over its accelerator pedal. Another claimed Tesla sent them a text saying it’s not scheduling deliveries at the moment for the same reason. Several others reported receiving texts about issues with “the preparation of your vehicle.”

An Elon Musk fan account called @WholeMarsBlog posted on X that deliveries have been halted for seven days, but that hasn’t been confirmed, and Tesla…

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