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AI-generated Asians were briefly unavailable on Instagram

The Instagram icon is featured in the middle of a background filled with pink, orange, and purple shapes.
Illustration by Kristen Radtke / The Verge

Yesterday, I reported that Meta’s AI image generator was making everyone Asian, even when the text prompt specified another race. Today, I briefly had the opposite problem: I was unable to generate any Asian people using the same prompts as the day before.

The tests I did yesterday were on Instagram, via the AI image generator available in direct messages. After dozens of tries, I was unable to generate a single accurate image using prompts like “Asian man and Caucasian friend” and “Asian man and white wife.” Only once was the system able to successfully create a picture of an Asian woman and a white man — it kept making everyone Asian.

After I initially reached out for comment yesterday, a Meta spokesperson asked for…

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